About Pollard Environmental

Founded in 1998, Pollard Environmental, LLC has helped over 5,000 clients with issues regarding their petroleum storage tanks. We have earned a reputation for technical competence and excellent service.

Our company mission is to contribute to the responsible handling and storage of petroleum products in Virginia, thereby protecting property and reducing the amount and impact of petroleum released to the environment. We strive to accomplish this mission by providing:

  1. Education for real estate professionals and others on the considerations and responsibilities associated with petroleum storage tanks;
  2. Environmental liability consultation services regarding petroleum storage tanks;
  3. Leakage testing of underground petroleum storage tanks and associated consultation services; and
  4. Cost-effective solutions, including accessing financial assistance where applicable, to properly address leaking and/or abandoned petroleum storage tanks, to minimize risk to property and human health.

Why choose Pollard Environmental?

Eight Reasons Why…

  • Trusted—We have built a reputation for providing accurate, objective, and thorough consultation and petroleum storage tank inspection services, which is important in Virginia because there is no certification or license for tank inspectors. When addressing leaking or abandoned tanks, we have earned the trust of the environmental regulatory offices, code officials, real estate community, and our clientele.
  • Experienced—Pollard has been in business since 1998, and our personnel have close to 100 years of combined experience in the environmental industry. We are recognized throughout Virginia as experts on underground oil tanks. Company President, John Pollard, has served on multiple heating oil UST advisory groups to the VDEQ for development of corrective action protocol for leaking heating oil tanks.
  • Financial Assistance—Our services include accessing the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (VPSTF) for financial assistance where environmental corrective action is required pursuant to a petroleum storage tank release. We handle all of the paperwork.
  • Professional—We manage the entire process – from the inspection of the tank to any necessary corrective action. We understand the applicable laws and codes, and we address them through the appropriate authorities and with the proper documentation. Pollard is a Virginia licensed Class A contractor, and as recommended by the VDEQ, our reports are signed by a Virginia Certified Professional Geologist.
  • Properly Insured—We maintain abundant insurance including general liability, auto liability, professional liability (errors & omissions), and workers compensation.
  • Reputable—Since 1998, we have provided services on over 5,000 petroleum storage tanks throughout Virginia, and our rating with the Central Virginia Better Business Bureau is A+ (top rating).
  • Turn-key—We perform turn-key services to resolve your petroleum storage tank issue, including all paperwork. We make it simple for our client.
  • Quality and Neatness—We make every effort to protect property while doing our work. Our goal is to exceed expectations when restoring disturbed/excavated areas, and we receive numerous letters from our clients thanking us for doing so. The high quality of our work is evident by the way we leave our clients’ properties, as well as in the technical portion of our work.