Continuing Education

DPOR-Accredited Continuing Education


Pollard Environmental provides DPOR-accredited instruction on the regulations, issues/concerns, and recommended due diligence procedures associated with residential and farm petroleum storage tanks. Although the DPOR credits are set-up for real estate professionals’ licensing requirements, our classes are also available to home inspectors, petroleum distributors and jobbers, investors, tank owners, and other interested parties.

We provide 1-hr “awareness”, 2-hr “comprehensive”, and 3-hr “comprehensive with case studies” CE and PL credit courses.

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John S. Pollard is a Virginia Certified Professional Geologist and President of Pollard Environmental, LLC. He has over 15 years of consulting and contracting experience in underground petroleum storage tank compliance and environmental remediation. He earned a B.S. in Earth Sciences from the University of Notre Dame and a M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia. Mr. Pollard is a member of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, and in 2006 he served on a committee with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for determining policy and procedures for responding to petroleum releases from residential heating oil tanks.