Pollard Services

We specialize in evaluating and resolving issues associated with abandoned and leaking petroleum storage tanks, both underground and aboveground, at residential and commercial properties. Our services include:

  • Locating underground tanks
  • Inspecting underground tanks for leakage
  • Assessing the degree and extent of leakage from underground and aboveground tanks.
  • Underground tank closures (removal and closure-by-filling)
  • Aboveground tank closures (removal or proper abandonment)
  • Environmental corrective action (assessments and cleanups)
  • Va. Dept. of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) reporting / compliance
  • GeoProbe services (including indoor / limited access areas)
  • Monitoring well installation (auger and air rotary methods)
  • Well water quality testing
  • VPSTF financial assistance
  • New tank installation

State of Virginia Financial Assistance

In the event of a petroleum release from a storage tank, the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (VPSTF) normally provides financial assistance for costs incurred for required environmental corrective action once a deductible (“financial responsibility”) is met. For releases from residential and farm tanks, the deductible is $500. The VPSTF assistance is available for VDEQ-required corrective action only. It does not cover Building/Fire Code compliance costs that are exclusive of VDEQ requirements, and it does not cover costs for new tanks.

VPSTF assistance requires pre-approval of activities and accurate claim submittal, so it is important to have an experienced consultant, such as Pollard, handle this process.