Request an Inspection

Please contact our main office to schedule a tank inspection.

We will also need the following two forms completed, signed,
and submitted to us:

Client Agreement Form (Tank size of 550-gallons or less) – to be completed and signed by the party that is paying for the inspection. Standard fee is $375 – $450.

Tank Owner Auth. & Info. Form  – this form must be completed and signed by the owner/operator of the UST, which is typically the property owner. It provides Pollard with permission to perform the inspection and report evidence of leakage to the VDEQ. The VDEQ provides financial assistance if environmental corrective action is necessary.

 General Q & A on Underground tank inspections:

  • What is the fee?  Standard fee for a residential underground storage tank (550-gallons or less) is $375 – $450.
  • What’s the turn-around time?  Standard turn-around time is 10 business days; the process can be expedited to 6  to 7 business days for an additional $150.
  • What kind of report do I get?  Our inspection report discusses our findings and how they relate to the applicable regulations. We also normally provide an estimated “cost to cure”, if applicable.
  • When do I pay?  We will issue an invoice to our client at the time of the inspection order, and payment is due before our report can be issued.